Advanced Health Care Aide Program Curriculum

MaKami College’s Health Care Aide Program offers a cutting-edge iPad-based curriculum with the highest level of practical training in Alberta and guaranteed local practicum placement. Scroll down to find out what you will learn from the most knowledgeable doctors and nurses in the healthcare industry throughout this course.

Health Care Aide Training Curriculum

The MaKami College program is an integration of theory and practical training. Through the use of hands-on training and experience, students will combine the education provided in theory training and the practical experience gained in the practicum for a well-rounded education. All of our courses are a combination of full-time theory and practical training unless otherwise broken out and specified.


Classroom Training Courses
The Role of a Health Care Aide
Providing Client Care & Comfort
Communication in the Health Care Environment
Structure & Function of the Human Body
Meeting Complex Care Needs
Special Care for Diverse
Clients Assisting with Medication Delivery
Ethics & Communication
The Role of Technology in Health Care
First Aid & CPR Training

Health Care Aide Practicum Placements

The MaKami College Health Care Aide program has two practicums totaling 700 hours which all students need to successfully complete in order to graduate. The main objectives of its practicums are for students to:

  • Practice their skills in a natural health care environment,
  • Be exposed to and treat different conditions outside the classroom,
  • Reinforce the classroom learning in a real-life scenario,
  • Practice their interpersonal skills when interacting with clients,
  • Learn the life skills needed for successful employment in the field.


Practicum I

Upon successful completion of the in-class theory and training courses, students will conduct a 16-week placement with an employer that will support the application of skills learned during the theory, practical and community outreach portions of the program. In this practicum students will become familiarized and assist with some of the tasks assigned to Health Care Aides such as:

  • Making occupied and unoccupied beds,
  • Performing client’s bath/shower including hair care,
  • Caring for client’s belongings appropriately and safely,
  • Assisting with hygiene and toileting needs,
  • Encouraging patients with self-care and dependence,
  • Assisting with reporting and recording as per care plan.


Practicum II

Upon successful completion of the Practicum Level I, a second 16-week home care placement will be coordinated by a licensed supervisor in the Health Care field. Students will work full-time under the supervision of a nurse or other related medical professional within a safe and supported employer place host, learning environment. Some of the duties performed include:

  • Reporting and recording as per care plan,
  • Maintaining confidentiality,
  • Caring for urinary drainage system including cleaning bags,
  • Caring for Ostomy Systems including changing complete apparatus,
  • Collecting specimens as directed,
  • Performing and recording client's vital signs.


Outreach (Supervised)

You can continue your practical application of skills in the community with supervised field trips.


Graduating as a Health Care Aide

Upon successful completion of the MaKami Health Care Aide Program, students will be able to demonstrate the following:

  • Communicate effectively with other health care professional team members
  • Safely put into practice the theoretical knowledge and principles attained when performing tasks of a Health Care Aide
  • Provide clients with the care that promotes their comfort and care
  • Encourage and promote client independence in daily living activities
  • Respond to the physical and emotional needs of clients
  • Effectively record on clients charts and records
  • Respect and understand the individuality, confidentiality, rights and concerns of clients.

What makes MaKami different?

MaKami College is the only educational institution in Alberta currently offering a 1-year diploma program in Health Care Aide. There are several aspects of the MaKami College curriculum that are not found in any other Health Care Aide curriculum taught in Alberta:

The Makami Program   Other HCA Programs
378 instructional hours vs. 285 instructional hours
2 practicums totaling 700 hours, 350 hours each vs. 1 practicum of 200 hours
1078 total program hours vs. 485 hours total program hours
Added an Ethics & Abuse Awareness module vs. Discusses a few topics
Added a module about the Role of Technology vs. Briefly discussed
Added a module about Children with Disabilities vs. Not discussed